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Abellian offers financial and cost advisory services globally.

You start out in this industry with less practical skills and more theoretical adeptness. I started
out with my share of the same, the knowledge I had gathered during my educational years in
London. Coming from a small town like Mysore, I stepped into the self-serving industry,
primarily of Financial advisory, knowing that this knowledge, grit and acumen were to be the
springboards to where I wanted to reach. Less than a decade later, we predominate in this
industry by providing value. Abel S Boaz Said.

Our success brought us the opportunity of partnering with global and national bodies like the CGMA and Make in India. Over these years, I, along with my team, have built a success streak with our clients and partners all over the world.
Abellian offers financial and cost advisory services globally .We have helped a number of
start-ups and businesses develop financial models. We have an in-built archetype of

We focus on expediting growth and profits for business initiatives. Our strategy enables companies to build their positions in growth markets, manage costs and risks, and avoid
revenue leakages. Our end goal is to alter value chains as a means of growth. We tend to
manufacturers with the objective of developing a model with a lower cost of capital that leads to
higher profitability. We are headquartered in Bangalore, with our branches in Mumbai and Pune.
I admire my team, and the commendable professionalism they show to make every project a

Working together, we have built relationships with various clients, not just on the work front. That is what we stand for. I am proud of the way Abellian upholds its spirit of delivering ‘(v)alue beyond profits’. As a team, we value our ethics and the profound ties that we have built over the years.

As a person helming the role of a leader, I make sure to practise everything that is expected of me. What I have learnt over the years is that embodying through practice is the greatest example.
As an entrepreneur in the finance industry, I value carefully crafted decisions. Working with clients globally, and handling a team in three different states, I often have to make giant strategic
decisions. I ensure the execution of the decided means to reaching the ends. All through it, a
careful analysis of every relevant element is necessary. Think about it, and you would come
down to one of the first important decisions I took as a leader, that is, of building my team. Our
teams of professionals don’t just represent us, they are the nuclei that strive and succeed in every venture.

Setting the stage for creative thinking is a group task. Ideas are more balanced and foolproof if
several minds have worked on it. That’s what I promote in my company.

techniques as well as anonymous suggestions. Brainstorming sessions work well, even more so
with diverse talents. I believe that it motivates passive minds.

It’s really easy to let success get to you. But when one is really empowered, showing support and
building each other up is the best way to grow further. Professionally, it widens your circle, and
morally, you embrace the true ethic of professionalism.

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