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Real life “PADWOMAN”

20, 21 years is the age in which youth are busy in choosing their future or having fun with friends, and sometimes they are confused about what to do in future but Namrata Kulkarni is such a youth. Not only did she get into the business of sanitary napkins before 20 years of age with a positive aim and not only started employment for herself, she has become financially competent by employing other rural women.

How did the idea come

Namrata said that there is little awareness about sanitary napkins among women in rural areas. Those women use old clothes during periods, which poses a risk of many infections and diseases, sometimes some women even lose their lives. That is why the new generation should not do such negligence with themselves, for this purpose, it was introduced to bring awareness to them.

How to start

Namrata entered the sanitary napkins business at the age of 20, the first 1 year, she started buying and selling from another manufacturing unit, but there was a problem in it that his prices were high and rural women were unable to buy. The reason why he thought why not start a manufacturing unit herself and make sanitary napkins available to rural women at low prices, Namrata gave her all the savings she had in her one year business and some money from father to her own manufacturing unit for 21 years. And named the brand Florena.

What is different from others in florena

Namrata said that the sanitary napkins sold at low prices in rural areas are priced from ₹ 2 to ₹ 5 per tree and they are mostly of cotton and their quality is not very good and if big brands are talked about. So their market price is very high, which the rural women are unable to buy, the same product of humility is made from Fruitpulp Jelly and it has 8 layers plus these pads are completely organic and the best thing is that other pads It takes 80 to 90 days to be disposed of, but the florena is disposed of in 7 to 8 days and when sold, it sells for ₹ 3 per pad in rural areas and ₹ 6 in urban areas.

How big is the business in 2 years

If we talk about business, then most of the rural areas around Indore as well as Gwalior, Morena, Jabalpur and Rajsamand and Kakroli areas of Rajasthan have not only increased business but also increased awareness about period and sanitary napkins among rural women.

How many have been given employment

Namrata has so far added about 80 women to this job and not only made them aware but also made them financially competent by providing employment.

What’s next plan

Further, Namrata wants that women of all rural areas of India should be able to provide sanitation at a cheaper cost by bringing maximum awareness about periods and sanitary napkins.

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