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What is your Star rating ?

Today, Kumar was eagerly waiting for the delivery of shoes he ordered 10 days back. Delivery was already delayed by 5 days, as he received the delivery, he went into further disappointment as package was in broken and in dirty condition. After taking out rage on delivery boy he took out his phone and gave 1 star for the product and delivery service.

Changing times has made us respond for almost everything on mere touch.Businesses have cashed upon the opportunity through ratings and reviews. Initially this concept was introduced to keep track on quality of product and services after it reaches the consumer and to track the after sales performance of the product. The positive reviews helped companies in marketing activities and negative ones for improvement of internal processes.

Evolving business dynamics has made corporates on the toes for better performances and ratings has evolved as most suitable management tool.

Present scenario most of us have used credit score rating while applying for different kind of loans. This Credit score rating shows past financial performance whether you have made all loan payments on time or not. Keeping a good credit score helps us fast processing of loans and at times on interest rates also.

Imagine similar kind of rating in introduced for human beings also, for all their work and action, from every small to big thing!

Next step to imagination is…it already exists. Ola and Uber very common names in households. Your Ola, Uber accounts has a feature called “Star Rating” which is for both driver and the passenger. As you rate driver for his service, driver also rates you back for your behavior and ease of payment.

So human rating is already ON! Let’s find out what all it may do in future.

What would be the life if more services are offered as per the star rating?

You plan to buy a house. After deep research and groundwork, dream place in a real estate project is shortlisted. This project fills your requirements like amenities, budget, marketplace, hospitals, schools, vehicle charging stations etc.

With all your grace you went to finalize the property and there comes a question – what are your “Reviews and Ratings”?

You asked – Ratings, what kind of ratings?

Answer comes, ratings by your neighbors at current/previous places of stay, by the vendors providing services to you, by your social circle. Person adds – the project is exclusive for people who have above 4.5-star rating.

Another case

You applied for a job and interviewer asked for the ratings during screening round. Ratings from your boss, colleagues, subordinates which some companies call as 360 degree evaluation.

How you have performed in projects, communication with colleagues, team, clients, vendors etc. will be now essential ?

This is going to be a game changer, now your future depends on how you have communicated or reacted to others at workplace and not by how you have performed and delivered.

Social Media Case

On a social media platform people connect for sharing thoughts, stories, emotions & views . If we get connected based on star ratings, picture will be very different. So, to qualify for friendship with someone your star rating will be given preference. You will be judged based on points given by others. So, you will have to be extra nice, cautious, and kind to everyone.



If shopping portals, malls, brands start offering discounts on ratings. World will be so different. Especially shopaholics will have to be extra cautious “every-every” time. Less frequent shoppers will try to plan purchases at times they have best ratings.

Advertisement may say – “Have good ratings, come shop with us !Don’t worry about money, your credit score will help us give EMI options”.

For changing times these may be few examples only. Knowingly or unknowingly all this is already in place, around us in some or the other form. When we buy any product, we check rating and reviews. When we plan a vacation, we check reviews on hotels and resorts. When we order food, we check ratings.

Who knows such a concept will give rise to a new business service of “Trade of Ratings”? People may exchange or trade ratings when in need.

To the extreme some wise person may develop a block chain solution to track and validate the star transactions!

This will be a different world with everyone trying to be nice to others, faking emotions, and incorrect data. Here people will not be internally driven or being self but PERFORMING as the expectation of others.

Be nice, you are being rated!

Amreesh Brij Beohar

Amreesh Brij Beohar, is a Management Professional . He is founder of Curd Management Consulting. He writes on Management and Social subjects.


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