CMS ORGANICS has rapidly grown this business based on reliability, responsibility and excellent performance – YAKUB ALI CS

CMS Raw Materials & Fertilizers:

CMS ORGANICS is a leading player in the fertilizer raw material B2B market. Sourcing from producers nationwide through long term offtake agreements, marketing arrangements and spot purchases, then selling and distributing  the product to our industrial customer base. Products traded include Biome, Organic Carbon, Organic manure and other forms of fertilizers. CMS ORGANICS has rapidly grown this business based on reliability, responsibility and excellent performance.

YAKUB ALI CS, founded CMS ORGANICS in 2015. He had clear objectives to build a platform with people who shared his passion for excellence in the manufacturing of fertilizers, building a culture where those people would be recognized for challenging the status quo and seeking leadership by focusing on the main pillars of the company; reliability and competitiveness.

He said  Over the past two decades, we have grown significantly both in terms of our product offerings and our global coverage. We expanded in to organic manure in 2019 and BIOME Raw Materials in 2020. Our growth was built around our commitment to providing value to our business partners through logistics, risk management, finance, and market intelligence services. Yakub says We have continued to grow our business both by expanding existing product lines and also through expansion into related markets. Over the past five years, our revenues have more than doubled and our volumes have nearly tripled.

Our product CMS-BIOME consists: Fulvic acid – 35%min , Potassium (K2O)- 10to25% min, Solubility In water 85%-100%  , pH 5-7  Nitrogen (N) , 3% Phosphorous 2%, Organic Carbon – 25% with other micro nutrients.

Our clients: Reputed Fertilizer manufacturers across India and abroad. who are in to manufacturing granular fertilizers, Repacking in powder forms for drip.


1. Improve the yield and quality; The fruit enlarges rapidly, the unit weight of the fruit is larger, the size is larger, the appearance is brighter, the hardness is higher.

2. Prevent crop physiological diseases: such as lobular disease, rot disease, and umbilical rot.

3. Prevent premature aging of the crop and extend the fruit picking period by 15-20 days.

4. Strengthen the crop’s resistance to stress: such as frost resistance, drought resistance, resistance to heavy weight.

5. Increases buffering properties of soil, retains water soluble fertilizers in the root zones and releases them to plants.

Social Responsibility:

Our strength indeed lies in working effectively with others to deliver products in the most cost-efficient way around the world. When doing so, however, we don’t forget and are always committed to understanding, monitoring and managing the social, economic and environmental impact we have on the places we go and communities we touch. We, at CMS ORGANICS, endeavor that our growth and the economic benefits we create to all who work with us be always aligned to an increasingly stronger, safer, cleaner and sustainable world. At CMS ORGANICS, Corporate Social

Responsibility is defined as follows:

Conducting business in a socially responsible, ethical and legal manner

Protecting the safety of people and the environment

Engaging, learning from, respecting and supporting the communities and cultures within which we work.

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