Bhopal girl Sakshi Bhardwaj made ‘mini forest’ in her house, take a look.

26-year-old Sakshi Bhardwaj, a resident of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has created a ‘mini forest’ of 4000 plants of 450 species in 800 square feet on the walls of her house. In which there are 150 rare such species, which are found only abroad, they cannot be grown in the Indian environment. But Sakshi has also created an environment for these rare plants in an artificial way so that those species can grow properly.

Sakshi Bhardwaj says that nowadays smart cities and residential areas are increasing. In lieu of development, the cutting of trees is also increasing rapidly. In such a situation, everyone will have to adopt an alternative method. It was because of  the concept of urban gardening came to her mind. By doing this, greenery will be seen around you, as well as you can use your own oxygen generator. She says that if people come forward with such projects in every district in India, then we can get rid of the pollution around us to a great extent.

Sakshi Bharadwaj, working as an assistant professor at Mansarovar Global University, said that in 2018, She started this project named Junglewas. She plants these plants vertically on the walls of her house. She uses coconut shell and plastic as a planter. At this time he has made about 500 planters of a coconut. Its specialty is that the coconut shell holds the water for a long time. In such a situation, the plants do not require water for two to three weeks.In these planters, she plants snake plants, cactus and lilies and other tropical plants. Apart from this, by using plastic as a planter, it also protects the environment from damage.

Sakshi has ordered many species from abroad. A favorable environment is required for these species. They create a favorable environment especially for the species. She says that a plant needs soil and water and air. To get the right information about this, she takes the help of Research, Plant Journal and Google.

As a food, she uses organic food with the help of kitchen and Burmese compost. Apart from this, she also makes special use of bio-enzymes so that the plants can grow properly. Along with this, she also keeps giving information about this work on her Instagram account Apart from this, she organizes workshops from time to time regarding this.

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