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Top 10 Street Food Business Ideas with Low Investments 2022

Top 10 Street Food Business Ideas with Low minimum Investments in India, In recent times we can find organizers who offering street foods within a designed way, also they are also providing the franchise opportunities to new Entrepreneurs, some of the most successful stall are Paani Puri, Indian Vadapav are most preference of the Indian Population. Inf act Every city has its own special dish, when we talk about street food which is easily prepared and getting in the streets. As a matter of fact there is  hardly any areas which is cant even sights construction sights, event centers , beach, campuses’ , parks, Industrial parks , Markets, religion centers, and all of the population on street food every day.

Here are some top street food business Ideas you can compatibly choose from:                                                          

  1. Biriyani Stall : Biriyani is the Highly Popular food in the Country like India. Biriyani is the main course of food, It comes in a verity of tastes and flavours. some of the most popular types are chicken Biriyani, Paneer Biriyani, Vegetable biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, and Hyderabadi Biriyani and low cost business. and you can setup the stall with Biriyani. You have to choose place where people prefer more Biriyani.
  2. Chinese Food Stall:  Some of the most popular chines foods are chow mien, Egg roll, cutlet, roasted chicken , spring roll, sandwich, etc. Indian population consumes Chinese food on a regular basis almost every alternate day. these foods are delicious and Tasty also you can prepare lot of foods with almost the same ingredients . the north Indian eastern part of country are the major consumer of ready to eat Chinese food.
  3. Idli and Dosa Stall: These are Idli, bara, dosa, uthappam, upma, etc are the typical south Indian food. People throughout the nation like to have both as a main course or tiffin. Also these come under healthy food segment with less oil and spices. A small food stall in a high traffic area is a highly incrative venture in the metro cities and small towns,. So, opening Idli , bara and dosa is a profitable business.
  4. Popcorn Stall: Opening a popcorn stall is a another profitable street food business here. Generally people consuming the popcorn in the evening time. Children prefer popcorn in the tiffin time . Popcorn can ne cooked with butter or oil. Nowadays you can find the popcorn producing business that can easily produce popcorn in less time. And its needs small startup business investment. Apart form selling popcorn from the stall, you can avail of party orders too.
  5. Pav Bhaji Stall:  Basically, Pav bhaji consist of chick vegetable curry with a soft bread roll. It is a fast food dish from India., Its Origins are in the state of Maharashtra.   The product is popular throughout the country. Consists of thick vegetable curry, fried , and serves with a soft bread roll. some of the popular dishes are cheese pav bhaji, paneer pav bhaji, fried pav bhaji, mushroom pav bhaji.
  6. Pani puri stall: Throughout the country pani puri is one of the most, popular street food items. Due to the high demand, you can find Pani Puri almost everywhere from restaurants to the streets. Pani puri stall is a highly in creative business in a low-investment segment. Definitely, it is a low cost street food business. And you can start the business even with rupees 50k capital investment. Location of the stall and taste of the product is the most important aspects  of this business. you must put stall in high traffic zone.
  7. Fast food restaurant: Another profitable street food related  business that an investor who is interested in starting a street food related business should consider is a fast food restaurant.  Demand is increasing.  Franchise is good option or buy your own.
  8. Pizza store:  Pizza is the most popular food item for the young crowd these days. Also , There are a lot of pizza brand that are offering franchise opportunities these days.  Opening a small pizza store doesn’t demand for the lot of capital investment. Also , you can open an  only delivery based store also. Food delivery company will help with this for tie-ups.
  9. Momo stall:  Momo is gaining highly popular food item in the Indian crowed. Even the big companies are now coming into the stall type business. Nowadays huge popularity both the Veg- and Non veg mom’s have a wide market here.  Franchise opportunities are available these days.  Chicken Momo , Veg mom , and pan fried mamos  need small capital investment.
  10. Tea and Snack Stall: Opening a small tea stall is a profitable and self- rewarding business. In India , tea stall makes a good profit after the end of the day. However, it depends on the sales volume too.

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