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Spaces Alive Interior Designers are with vision to bring life for design spaces- Annand Khatpe

Annand Khatpe.
Spaces Alive Interior Designers.
20 Years of experience.

Annand Khatpe Co – owner of Spaces Alive Interior Designers, a Pune-based interior designing firm. The vision of his firm is to not just to design spaces, but to bring life to them. “As interior designer, I understand that an environment can greatly influence your mood and a good comfortable surrounding can enhance the quality of your life,” he says. “We are passionate about creating spaces that are beautiful yet functional meeting your day-to-day requirements.”

Mr. Annand Khatpe Born and brought up in Pune, a commerce graduate and an interior designer, also a hotel management graduate.  Worked on the Cruise lines for 10 years and have travelled every part of the world that has a connectivity with sea route, experiencing the varied cultures of the different parts of the world.  Finally settle down in his own country of    origin India, Pune, Maharashtra with interior designing as a forte.

Mr. Khatpe says We strive so that our clients can live comfortably
We believe in making a difference in the lives of people and communities around us through our innovative solutions we create thus enhancing their lifestyles. We design the spaces that are conversation starters. (Creating value – enriching lifestyles)

We are passionate about creating unique & inspiring spaces. Our inspiration for any task is to give our clients spaces that they are proud to possess. We continuously challenge ourselves to redefine the experience of space with a stylish and sophisticated approach to design – which is modern, thematic and tasteful thus bringing Spaces Come Alive.

Our design process is simple and 100% transparent with no hidden costs.
Each project is a reflection of the personalities of the people living in. Great care is taken in understanding and providing homes that are comfortable, practical and contemporary.

At Spaces Alive Interior Designers, we are not done even after handing over your homes to you as we get associated with the clients for the lifetime (that is how the relations become in these 60 days period) and our    services are always available after converting our clients houses into homes.

Managing any business is not that easy, especially when we are going through this phase of Pandemic. Every field has a unique set of challenges and obstacles to face on a daily basis.    nterior designers however, have a list that can feel like a mile long.

He concludes by saying that Create certainty and leave room for uncertainty. If everything in your life is planned out, then it’s boring. If nothing in your life is planned out, then it’s risky and uneasy. Happiness is found somewhere in the middle. Managing time, selling your big ideas, handling the books, maintaining clients’ expectations, working within fast turnarounds, introducing trends and timeless styles, managing costs, handling self-promotion, working on the go.

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