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Katsam Private Limited Is The Emerging IT company

KATSAM is CONGLOMERATE, which have 2 Daughter companies known as KATSAM SOFT and KATSAM media, Katsam SOFT is a wholesome IT company, which primarily works into process automations in manufacturing sector by consulting into ERP Here they also focus on custom built products like Website and app development where we offer and consult the service best for your field of interest. On the other hand, they also have KATSAM Media, Katsam Media’s major focus throws light on Marketing and branding, whether you want to establish yourself as an impactful and meaningful brand or aim to sell your goods through your online presence, they have got solutions and strategies. Katsam media do have a special unit which consists of fine artists and artiste, with love it is called Kalakaari Studios, People are here responsible for making smart and effective content in the form of videos and graphics. Katsam media is now looking forward to establishing more baby companies in the field of influencer marketing and media production.

Mr. Keshav Seksaria is CEO of Katsam Private Limited, He plays major role in establishing and carrying out the organisation’s strategy, allocating capital, building a good work culture, consulting clients for major company decisions related to marketing and assembling and supervising the executive team

Different from Competitors: Folks in Katsam domain providing standardise service options whether it is a website or a full-fledged app, they are tending to deliver service which is already getting served with no sign of customization, they don’t customise either, they KATSAMISE it. By the statement, they mean to mould the type of service being provided in the form of a website and app which reflects brand identity, make it super persona oriented rather than just making a simple tool which can be made by everyone else.

Katsam have already served major industry ruling clients and both domain where focus, in IT sector, we have Candylake, Kleets, Ganymede, NBN minerals, Two step, Investelite research, Tealogy, Samarth consultants, Swar, Rayband Paints Mahendra Sev Bhandar, SAI CARGO LLC,OneClick Technocrats Pvt. Ltd, Payall Electrics,, Torque Management Services Private Limited, Abs Connections Private Limited and more. and media Katsam made brands like – Hotel Sayaji, Red FM, MY FM, Tealogy, Chai Calling, Suto cafe, Naad builders, SOS infrabulls, Takshit infratech, UZARUS, Banana leaf, narcotics wing, agrawal 420, work studio, nexus spaces, aviral ganga, shinex India, NBN minerals, Bestech, back packers india, swar woven with love, sam’s foods, anant aman, fashionite by poorva,bhanu hair studios and 100+ brands.

Overcoming Challenges : Katsam have a revolutionary vision which empowers micro small and medium enterprises by automating their process using effective and cost efficient ERPs offered by us, As India is now thoroughly making leaps in the world of industry, we need to realise how important it is for us to automate processes, Whereas KATSAM media aims to make global brands originated in INDIA, they says don’t have a big list for Indian brands who made it big globally, they follow the dream to add brands in that list of global success.

They say never thought of working from home until the pandemic arrived. When covid strikes it affected businesses like never before and it did with Katsam, they had to cut off salaries but by god’s grace they did not lay off anyone!

Katsam use data centric ERP systems, python majorly, data analytics and block chain. They use these techniques to data their own data, Big Sharks in the game can predict their production and wealth 10 years prior to the time, do they hire a wizard? not the case. Studying data is an important work which needs to get done, we simply make it easier through our ERP system. Data analytics also helped in performance marketing; in today’s market every individual expects sales which is possible through it.

In their point of view Lot of brands are coming every day, selling and marketing themselves, it’s pretty challenging to stay relevant in this hyper changing world of brands. How to implement a company’s culture, where to invest and where not to, creating a healthy work environment where more and more creative people come and work under one roof.

“Keshav says Katsam Team just embrace their personal goals, by empowering them to achieve what they actually want. They try to align the company’s goal with the employee’s goal and vice versa.” They literally worship growth, which takes them to the desired goal later on! (Tried and tested). They also have a tagline to make it easy for you. which says, Innovating growth. They say Accepting the fact that the new generation is the one who’s going to make us all big! need smart and powerful successors for their legacy to get passed on.

Strategies: EXPANSION, reaching multiple cities and states, going international for masses to know us. increasing employee sizes to promote growth as well. They Says Bootstrapping is a factual term you don’t always need money to start a business. Focus and innovate growth, that is all it takes to be there.

Message and View Points: Don’t get limited with your vision, think big and say it out loud so that when you achieve, everyone should see and learn, don’t be afraid of invisible problems that are going to come in your way, panicking won’t help, stay calm because you have to face them anyways.


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