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Envision VFX: Transforming the VFX Industry in India

Cover story : company of the year 2022-23

Envision VFX Private Limited is an Indian visual effects, animation, and design organization. They provide world-class post-production services to filmmakers and VFX houses across the globe. They recreate on-screen visual materiality to aid film, advertisement, and episodic drama with the help of ingenious minds and the latest technological support. Some of their services include Rotoscopy, paint and cleanup, compositing, tracking and match move, matte paint, animation, and 3D build. The company operates from a single Pune (India) business location. At present, they are catering to the excessive requirement from overseas studios for feature films, Episodic, and OTT platforms.

The company works on overseas projects and has a pool of trusted clientele with whom they work in close collaboration to deliver the best quality visuals across any visual platform. “At Envision VFX, we nurture the young talents and passionate youth across the country and give them leverage to work freely under the mentorship of the top creative supervisors to build their skill sets and competence to deliver substandard quality. We believe in equality and lateral hierarchy across the organization which makes us different from the other VFX studios,” says Pankaj Ganatra, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Envision VFX.

Envision VFX focuses on providing the best environment to work for all employees. They provide an opportunity for all employees to work with experienced mentors on immersive technologies. They also offer frequent upskill training programs. “In our organization, every employee has the freedom to voice their thoughts and opinions which helps us to deliver the best quality visuals,” he asserts.

The company defines the vision and cascades it down to the team. They help the team to strategize their work to achieve their corporate vision. They believe in ethical business practices within the company for their internal and external business partners.

Overcoming Challenges

The VFX Industry is currently facing the biggest challenge of the availability of good resources. The demand from the overseas market is almost 3x of the available supply for delivering the project. “The best way to deal with the current problem is to nurture the young talents by way of grooming and providing the requisite training to become a production-ready crew. Most of the studios have already started adopting the same strategy and it’s helping them substantially to cater to the excessive work coming from the world. In India, the industry is facing a delay in new technologies reach which support drastically in the post-production of feature films and episodic. So, it becomes essential to get support from the government authority in terms of export incentives or subsidies/rebates on film production,” Aniruddha Mukherjee, Director and Creative Head, of Envision VFX, states.

Today, industry trends are changing rapidly and many overseas projects are coming to India. In a couple of years, India will become the hub for all the big banner feature films and episodic which can be easily substantiated by having the presence of most of the western studio units in the country.

“At Envision VFX, immersive technologies like ML, AI, and AR/VR play a vital role in our success ahead. These technologies gradually integrate with visual effects to create the best quality output and create their standalone market as well. The upgrade in the VFX software helps in supporting the industry substantially to deliver the jobs as per the anticipated quality standard of the clients with the best productivity on the floor,” he adds.

Journey Ahead

Envision VFX’s goal is to build a studio that will have a limited 200-300 crew in the next one-year timeframe. “We are aiming to be the most reliable and consistent partner for all the clientele. To achieve this goal, we are consistently upgrading the human competence and skillset alongside building a very strong infrastructure setup to help support the same. The aim is to build a well-renowned brand in the global market in a short period,” Pankaj asserts.

Envision VFX predominately focus on the best quality visual effects and prompt delivery timeline as expected by the clients to become the most reliable business partners for them. Quality and timeline are paramount for the company to build strong trust and reliable business relationships with overseas partners. “Most of our strategies are directly or indirectly aligned to the aforesaid aspects followed by the best place for the people to work and showcase their creativity irrespective of the discipline they are working in,” he concludes


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