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Dikazo – Makes a Smashing Entry into the Ecommerce Industry.

Dikazo is a next-level ecommerce portal was born on August 18th, 2018. Started with just a small team of 10 members, today, the company is speedily climbing the ladder of success. Thanks to a great leader, motivated team members and a robust business approach, Dikazo’s fame continued to sky-rocket in spite of the onset of the pandemic.


The company’s goals are oriented towards its slogan – Inspire the Inspired. Dikazo believes that all the online shoppers today are smart shoppers who know how to get the best for themselves online. Encashing on the current mindset of the customers, Dikazo brings a wide range of products that are the best in their line. The Inspired generation will, therefore, understand the value and prices of products being sold at its portal.


Dikazo’s chemistry instantly clicked with the customers, even better than anticipated by the only CEO and managing director – SYED ASHFAQ RAHIL. He is the sole investor in this company and is currently on cloud 9 over its fame and success.


Brief About Dikazo’s Managing Director and CEO – Ever Positive and Dynamic Businessman and Leader

Syed Ashfaq Rahil earlier worked in many big multi-level companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Mindward. The idea of Dikazo was just a seed in his mind, which continued to grow until in 2018, when he decided to quit his job to start something on his own.


Before Dikazo, he had started his first venture DMS – Direct Management Services to gain knowledge in the IT sector. All this while, the thought and planning for his ecommerce portal  – Dikazo continued to grow. In 2012, he next started dealing with solar products in Dubai and supplied the same to Malaysia.


In 2018, he felt he was ready to start with his own ecommerce portal – Dikazo in India. With an impressive resume and an experience of 24 years in multinational companies, Syed Ashfaq Rahil was ready to invest in this dream venture Dikazo. His impressive IT sector experience and certifications on PMP, Six Sigma, Microsoft, VMware and ITIL helped him plunge into starting his dream single-handedly. In 2018, Dikazo was launched as a brand new e-commerce portal offering a next-level customer experience and selling products all over India.

Dikazo’s Initial Journey – Started with a Few Hurdles and on to a Smooth Sailing Road

The initial journey of Dikazo saw a few obstacles and hurdles along the way. But this did not dampen the spirits of Syed Ashfaq. Initially, the company was started on 18th August, 2018 with a small team of 10 members. The company picked up soon and within 6 months, another 10 members were hired to manage the growing business.

By 2019 November, Dikazo was a medium startup with a team of 40 members. By this time, the company had developed an Android app and had started testing its interface. Dikazo also started the process of vendor onboarding by then. Everything was going fine. The company was slowly getting famous and more and more vendors were approaching them to sell their products on Dikazo. Then as 2020 commenced, the pandemic came with a big blow. Yet, Dikazo did not shut down. By then, the company had 30 members and they were all working offline – work from home. Although orders were few, the team was retained and their salaries were paid. This put a major setback on the company’s finances, but it continued to thrive, as online orders had picked up after the first few  months of lockdown.


The company found a smooth road ahead in 2021, after the pandemic and business picked up with a boom. The current employee count is 75 + 15 delivery boys and 15 call center members.
To manage the ever-growing business and to aid the online shoppers, the company decided to   The company saw better sales and fame with the commencement of its online shopping app.


2021 Festive Sale – Big Boom Sale Skyrocketing the Brand to Success


Dikazo’s Big Boom Sale for festive season 2021 carved a niche for the company on the map of online ecommerce portals. The company had never anticipated such a huge amount of bulk orders. The Festive Season came and went with a bang and Dikazo managed to handle it quite well. In fact, the festive season proved lucky for Dikazo as it launched the ecommerce portal on a national level and made it famous amongst online shoppers.


Another major reason for Dikazo getting unexpected bulk orders during the Festive season was that it has many products listed on its portal that are not found anywhere online in India. This is one of the biggest reasons for its success. Customers know that it can find rare, useful items online for which earlier they had to step outdoors.


None of the company members anticipated getting 25k+ orders in such a short time. But the huge demand was met with a welcoming and organized supply with all the orders delivered within 1-3 days all over India. The orders for the local Hyderabad area were delivered within 1 day. This increased the respect for the company amongst the shoppers.

Financial Aspects – Clever Decisions Made at the Right Time


There was little revenue in the initial 1.5 years of the business. The profits were used for technical development, to get vendors on board, to track order trails and to thrive amidst the pandemic. Whatever revenue earned was going for administration and management and orders were low. They were spending more on market analysis. But Syed Ashfaq Rahil knew that this is an important initial step in setting up any business. After the country got back to its feet post pandemic, Dikazo again saw a wonderful pick-up.


Dikazo soon started getting around 45 to 60 orders a month after the first lockdown in 2020.  With a little bit of promotion on digital media and elsewhere, the orders increased. Everyone was happy with the way the promotions were helping the company’s name and fame. But, the second wave of pandemic in 2021 again dropped the sales. But by then, Syed Ashfaq was patient enough to wait for the second wave to subside. As predicted, the country again opened up within 2 months and soon, the orders shot to 2500 – 8000 orders per month.


This was just the beginning of a brand new journey of Dikazo. Since then, the company’s graph has not lowered. Here is a brief on the order amount between May 2021 to Oct 2021.

May — 7L
June : 5.5L
July – 14L
Aug: 21L
Sep: 49L
Oct:  84L

How is Dikazo Managing Orders?


Dikazo operates its business with 3 logistics. The company tied up with 2 of the biggest shipping partners – Shiprocket and Delhivery in 2021 to manage the orders. Then in April, 2021, the company started with its own Dikazo logistics in the Hyderabad area. This was done to help manage the local orders which the brand promises for a single day delivery time frame.


Dikazo Teams – Efficient and Motivated


Today, there are a total 10 managers in the office, each looking after digital marketing, IT, Vendorer, Catalogue, orders, tech support, Accounts, Delivery and customer support. All these higher employees have a team of members below them and each team is managing their sector well to ensure smooth functioning and coordination.


      Digital Marketing


Dikazo hired a top-notch digital marketing team to take care of its digital presence.




The IT team is functioning 24/7 to check the website’s speed and traffic online. Any server issues are handled immediately to ensure that does not face any set-backs.




This team is solely responsible for inviting various regional vendors to sell their products on our site. Their products are first quality checked and once approved, the vendorer ensures a smooth vendor onboard process.



Our catalogue team ensures that each and every product added to our site is properly documented and described with the quantity, description and details. This ensures that we maintain a track of every product sold or available on Dikazo.




We have a robust orders team that is responsible for order receiving, tracking, and processing. This is one of our main teams that handles the sales and we have a bunch of technicians for this post.


      Tech Support


Behind every ecommerce portal, a tech team is required that looks after the possible functional errors. Our tech support team ensures that the online payments are handled smoothly.




We have an accounts team that looks after the company funds and salaries.




This team looks after the shipment and caters to all the logistics and delay issues.


      Customer Support


We have a very attentive customer support team that chats, emails or calls our customers and listens to their grievances. They try to solve all the queries asap.


This way, Dikazo manages a smooth functioning of the online shopping on our ecommerce portal.



Customer Engagement – Customer is the King


All the customers at Dikazo can have peace of mind as their data, phone numbers and addresses are secured and safe with us. Dikazo will, under no circumstances, ever leak our customers’ personal details to anyone else.


We also engage with our customers by offering exciting offers, discounts and vouchers. Customers are sent emails, SMS and notifications for any upcoming offers or schemes. We engage with our customers in a friendly way and ensure that we maintain a loyal clientele.




Dikazo firmly believes that ‘Customer is the King’. We take extreme steps and put in all our efforts to satisfy our customers. We conduct online surveys to know what our customers require. All our efforts are paying off well and today, the company is getting 25% to 35% returns on its investments and this is just the beginning…..

In the coming years, Dikazo will be one of the biggest online ecommerce shopping portals in the country. We are trying to make India one by connecting vendors from different regions and making their products accessible to everyone across India. Cheers to a brighter future ahead!!



Contact Details:

Executive Manager: B Siva Prasad
Ph no: 8106625666

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