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Blockchain Technology and Crypto are the future – Sudeep Saxena

Coin Gabbar is a Research and Information Portal in the Crypto Space. Coin Gabbar attempts to bring the most transparent information and education to its users. Coin Gabbar also intends to develop the sense of Analysis amongst its users so that the Crypto Market, which is in a developing phase, is matured and people start using Fundamental and Technical Research as tools for analysis rather than blindly following certain influencers.

The primary aim of the company is to become the most trusted research and analysis platform in the crypto space.

Sudeep Saxena is the Management Accountant by Profession. He have experience of more than 20 years in the financial domain with various industries like, Banking, Insurance, Construction, etc.

Sudeep said During his career as a Consultant he have dealt with clients belonging to many industries like Heavy Engineering, Hotels, Retail Chains, Online Business, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

He acted in many capacities like an Auditor, as a Consultant, and as member of their Board.

What makes Coin Gabbar different from others

Sudeep said We are providing end to end solution to the Information, Analysis, Research and Education needs of our users atone place. There are certain features like Wallet Integration for the Crypto Investment Accounts, Demo Trading, Discussion Forum and Proof of Reserves of Other Exchanges make us stand apart from our competition. Sudeep said We intent to become the leader in the Crypto Information Space. We want to become the one stop solution to all the Information needs of any Crypto User. Apart fro this, we also want to establish ourselves as the most trusted portal for the Information needs of the users in the Crypto Space.

He said Web3 and Metaverse are going to change the face of interactive technology in the coming future. Also, Blockchain Technology will help to achieve such a level of transparency and accessibility in the data storage technology that the future will become completely different than it is today .

At Coin Gabbar, our effort is to educate the users about the technology to the extent possible so that they are able to accept this technology and can see the positive changes that it can bring to our lives in many ways.

When we ask about new trends in industry he said The industry is flooded with projects right now. There are a number of similar projects coming up, but this is the commercial application of the technology. What I think that there should be an extensive development on the technological front so that a real improvement in the lives of the people can be brought about.

When we discuss about challenges Sudeep said The biggest challenge in the development of the Project is finding the right manpower. Blockchain and Crypto is a new industry, and it is very difficult to find the manpower with the right amount of skillset. Also, to train the manpower in this new technology is a time taking process with high chances of non-committed attitude. Also, the technology is decentralized and it keeps changing its face at regular intervals, which becomes the biggest deterrent in the path to continuous dedvelopment.

Sudeep said as a leader I head the Strategy and Content for my organization. It’s my task to form the long term vision for the organization and to ensure that the follow through work is in line with the goals set.

He also said that As the head of the organization, I believe in Management by Exception. We have made structures within the organization that allows us to move like many smaller ecosystems working in sync within a larger ecosystem. This way, I keep myself at bay till the time the actual deliverables are ensured.

Although, I am very specific about the timelines and motivate the team to stick to the pre-decided deadlines. I believe that the achievements are the best motivators within themselves.

He said In a dynamic era, where any form of online advertisement is prohibited for the Industry you belong to, working on an online portal is a challenge. We have evolved a lot over the time and have developed a lot of strategies based on the consumer mindset.

Everyday, we sit down and discuss as to what exactly our user base demands. This gives us the answers to the strategies that we have to devise.

Sudeep said The organization is in its nascent stages and we intent to bring to great heights. Coin Gabbar is jus the first part of an ecosystem we intend to build. We have the whole planning ready and fortunately as are achieving everything ahead of the planned time.

When we ask Sudeep ,What is the best advice you can give to our readers he said,persistence can always beat luck. So stay focused and keep working inch by inch towards the goal you desire and you will definitely be successful.

He also said Blockchain Technology and Crypto are the future. The earlier you understand and adopt, the better it is. Because whether you accept it or ignore it, its coming to change your lives.

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