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When Pooja Bedi Arrived at Regal Kitchen Foods Stall in Goa Hospitality Show 2023


Regal Kitchen Foods chronicle impact at Goa Hospitality Show 2023

Goa Hospitality Show was a one-of-a-kind exhibition that marked the presence of many celebs in the exhibition. It was the 9th edition of the previously known Goa Food & Hospitality show. Held in Taleigao, Goa, the primary specialty of the show was the booths and overwhelming crowd. One of the leading RTE and RTC packaged food manufacturing firms “Regal Kitchen Foods” also participated in the event. 

RKF literally unveiled culinary innovation at the Goa Hospitality Show 2023. RKF was there to redefine the culinary experience for HORECA professionals, from the sizzle of ready-to-cook base gravies that whispered tantalizing promises to the hearts of chefs and hoteliers, to the hearty embrace of ready-to-eat dal makhani that left a mark on the taste buds of none other than the illustrious Pooja Bedi. The ambiance was nothing short of magical. Pooja Bedi, Actress cum wellness entrepreneur, was also present in the Goa Hospitality show. She visited various booths at the Exhibition. She founded the Regal Kitchen RTE Dal Makhni “amazing”.   

Gagan Dutta, the HORECA Manager said It was always great to see how amazingly the guests are reacting to our culinary innovations. When the guest says “too good”, or “Wow”, it feels like you are doing a noble business. Because our products solve cooking hassles with minimal costs and maximum convenience by not eliminating the taste factor. 

Regal Kitchen Foods is the leading vegetarian packaged RTE and RTC food products manufacturing company. It has not only established itself as a brand but also revolutionized the business of RTE and RTC packaged food all over the world.

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